Commercial Building Stock Assessment

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The CBSA is a periodic regional study that provides a database of commercial building information for the Northwest. It’s expected to be representative of the region's existing commercial building stock. The CBSA database includes more than 250 variables for each site, including building type and functional use, building size, detailed information about building envelope, fenestration, lighting, and HVAC equipment. NEEA leads the CBSA project in partnership with stakeholder work groups that provide technical expertise and project guidance on sample design, building data variables, and customer outreach.

Cbsa Regional Cover

For more information on participating in the CBSA, read our Fact Sheet (in development) You may also view a webinar discussing 2014 CBSA results.

CBSA Support Files

CBSA Public Site Summary Table (Excel)

CBSA Public Detailed Lighting Table (Excel)

CBSA Public Detailed HVAC Table (Excel)

2014 Detailed CBSA Database (Access)

2014 CBSA Public Full DB Data Dictionary (Excel)