Commercial Building Stock Assessment

The CBSA provides building characteristic and energy usage data on commercial buildings in the Northwest.

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The Commercial Building Stock Assessment (CBSA) is a regional study that seeks to understand drivers of energy consumption in commercial buildings by collecting detailed information on building characteristics, installed equipment, and energy consumption for buildings throughout the Northwest. The CBSA is a key input into regional power planning. For example, the CBSA is used in the development of the Northwest Power Plan, utility energy efficiency programs, codes and standards, and energy efficiency measures. Governments have also historically used this data to inform planning and policy discussions, for example setting appropriate energy use intensity (EUI) targets. NEEA has conducted four commercial building stock assessments, the first of which took place in 2003.

The most current CBSA was completed in May, 2020. Site visits were completed on 932 commercial buildings across 12 building types. Data was collected through on-site assessments, building staff interviews, and utility submission of historical energy consumption data.

The 4th Commercial Building Stock Assessment 2019 Final Report is now available.

NEEA Reports Cover Page CBSA 4 2019
CBSA 4 (2019) Reports and Documentation

CBSA 4 Final Report

CBSA 4 Appendix Tables (Weighted)