2022 Residential Building Stock Assessment - Data Dictionary

Published April 2024

The 2022 RBSA datasets support estimation of regional and subregional building stock characteristics and the characteristics of energy using equipment in residential spaces across the Northwest (i.e., lighting, appliances, electronics, and mechanical equipment). This includes the ability to estimate the prevalence of equipment types and subtypes, as well as understand their characteristics (e.g., fuel types, vintages, efficiencies, sizes). The datasets also support analysis of building shell characteristics (e.g., windows, walls, insulation) and provides information regarding energy use and building/duct tightness for a subset of participant homes. The datasets are intended to provide a “snapshot” of residential building characteristics across the Northwest.

There are numerous potential analytical uses for these datasets. For example:

  • Distribution of refrigerator types by state
  • Prevalence of cooling equipment by cooling zone
  • Distribution of common area heating equipment type by height class for multifamily buildings

When analyzed with prior and future RBSA studies, the datasets also support analysis of trends over time. This type of analysis may reveal market transformation successes and remaining potential. The research team developed a mapping of data dictionaries across RBSA studies that provide associations of common (or near common) variables from each study to support trends over time analysis.

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