NEEA Strategic + Business Planning

Planning is now underway for the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance's (NEEA) 2025-2029
Strategic and Business Plans.

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Cycle 7 Business Planning:

NEEA operates on five-year plans and is now preparing for its next business cycle, beginning in 2025.

The Strategic and Business Plans aim to affirm NEEA’s mission and identify the highest value strategic opportunities that the alliance should pursue on behalf of the region. In 2021, NEEA’s Board of Directors formally kicked off the Strategic Planning process and created a Strategic Planning Guidance document to help inform business plan explorations. In 2022, the Board transitioned to Business Planning and a draft plan is currently in progress. The Board aims to finalize both the 2025-2029 Business and Strategic Plans by the end of 2023.

The Board is currently holding a series of workshops to set the future direction of the alliance. Details about each working session, which are open to the public, will be posted on NEEA’s event calendar along with all workshop materials. Check back here for continuing updates and opportunities to participate in the planning process or subscribe to NEEA's Public Meeting announcement subscription list to be notified in advance.

For further questions on NEEA’s next business cycle, contact Virginia Mersereau, NEEA Sr. Manager, Corporate Strategy.


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Cycle 7 Strategic Planning Briefing Papers:

The Strategic Planning Committee and NEEA staff prepared four briefing papers exploring macro-trends in the energy industry that could influence NEEA’s work during the next Business Cycle. The Board aligned on four major areas of interest: National Trends, Regional Trends, Market Transformation Trends and Diversity Equity and Inclusion Trends. 

Note: these briefing papers are intentionally general in nature, and are not intended as policy proposals or recommendations for NEEA’s future direction.



2023 Business Planning Engagements:

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View more details for the upcoming Business Planning engagements on NEEA’s event calendar >>


Current 2020-2024 Cycle:

Strategic + Business Plan

NEEA's 2020-2024 Strategic and Business Plans outline NEEA’s comprehensive five-year strategy to help the Northwest stay ahead in a rapidly changing energy efficiency landscape.

View the 2020-2024 plans

Operations Plan

NEEA's 2023 Operations Plan provides planned activities and a detailed budget for alliance electric and natural gas portfolios intended to transform markets for energy efficiency.

View the 2023 Ops Plan
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