Working with the Market

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NEEA accelerates development and market adoption of energy-efficient products

For twenty years, the alliance has collaborated with manufacturers to speed the development of products with greater energy-saving potential.

Who is NEEA?
NEEA was founded in 1996 and is funded by more than 140 utilities across four Northwest states: Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington. Through NEEA, the region is advancing emerging technology innovation to increase availability of energy-efficient products and services through a coordinated, market-based approach to efficiency programs.

Our commitment to emerging technologies 
Working in collaboration with the market, NEEA manages a portfolio of new efficiency opportunity projects, strategically identifying those with potential to deliver significant long-term energy savings. One of NEEA’s primary goals is to help meet future energy needs by filling the energy efficiency pipeline with new products, services, practices and approaches.

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Why work with NEEA?

  • Support in developing new product lines and revenue streams through accelerated development, product specifications, lab/field testing and regional market insights.

  • Act as neutral/independent voice that can influence supply chain to increase product sales and remove market barriers.