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Mapping opportunities to advance emerging technologies

In the Northwest, efficiency organizations, utilities, laboratories and others are working together and pooling their resources to identify and refine technologies that perform well and save energy for Northwest consumers, while decreasing risks for the region.

A key driver in helping these emerging technologies succeed is collaboration through the Regional Emerging Technology Advisory Committee, better known as RETAC. To optimize regional investment in energy-efficienttechnologies, RETAC launched a shared, regional emerging technologydatabase in 2017. This database houses informationabout emerging technology products and projects, provides portfolio-levelanalysis and reporting, and facilitates collaboration.

Click the filters on the map below to see active RETAC projects by partner and technology. And, for more details on the alliance’s emerging technology activities across the region, see NEEA’s latest quarterly updates and Emerging Technology reports linked at the bottom of this page. For further information on what emerging tech products and projects are underway in our region, log into Conduit.

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A marker cluster identifies a zip code with multiple projects within it. Click a marker cluster to zoom the map to view more projects, then click a project marker to view a specific project.

* Please note that projects on the map are randomly placed throughout the zip codes they were established in. They do not reflect the actual street address.

Featured Pilot

2017 Annual Report

Making Water Heaters Smarter

Demand response-enabled, or “smart” water heaters could be a flexible, low-cost way of reducing energy use during periods of high demand. Bonneville Power Administration and Portland General Electric are leading an innovative, region-wide pilot with eight Northwest utilities, NEEA — to assess this opportunity.

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