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NEEA is a regional alliance of more than 140 Northwest utilities and energy efficiency organizations working on behalf of more than 13 million consumers to drive market adoption of more energy-efficient products, practices and services. NEEA’s Market Research and Evaluation (MRE) team partners with skilled third-party research firms to deliver research products in support of regional Market Transformation.

NEEA’s MRE team conducts a variety of market research projects, which help internal program teams identify and prioritize market barriers to target, opportunities to explore, and knowledge gaps to narrow in order to accelerate market adoption of more efficient products and practices.

In addition to research, the team conducts annual evaluations for most of NEEA’s programs to monitor and track NEEA’s performance in achieving regional Market Transformation goals and to uncover opportunities for program improvement. 

This is where you come in. NEEA’s MRE team is seeking qualified vendors who have specialized and proven expertise in one, two or all three of the categories listed below: 

  1. Evaluation – Our evaluation teams help us define critical research and evaluation review questions, choose the most appropriate methods, and go into the field to help us gather and understand the data we need to measure progress against our Market Transformation goals.
  2. Market Research – We are looking for skilled research teams to help us define critical research questions, choose the most appropriate research methods, and go into the field to help us gather and understand the market intelligence we need to further our Market Transformation goals.
  3. Data Analysis and Model Review – We look to third-party contractors to verify the key assumptions underlying NEEA’s market models used to forecast energy savings over time.

NEEA’s MRE team is known for the quality of the research and evaluation reporting it delivers to the region, which would not be possible without our world-class research partners. Interested in learning more? Submit your qualifications below to join the team! (Please submit your qualifications in one compiled PDF via the form below).

This is an open submission RFQ for which NEEA will be accepting solicited and unsolicited qualification submissions for market research, evaluation, and data analysis and model review support through December 31, 2022.

This RFQ seeks to pre-qualify vendors to be eligible to participate in streamlined proposal processes. At the discretion of MRE Project Managers, pre-qualified vendors may be selected for inclusion in a short-list of firms asked to submit proposals for a particular project. Pre-qualified vendors are not guaranteed inclusion in RFP short-lists.

Vendors pre-qualified and approved by NEEA through this process may be asked to provide updated information from time to time. NEEA reserves the right to add or remove vendors from this pool for any reason, at its sole discretion.

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