Proposal Criteria

Below is a simple and fast way to help you determine if your proposal meets the key criteria NEEA uses for project approval. This test should be done prior to filling out the Proposal Application. This test does not include all of the criteria used but covers the main criteria which work to further the organization's mission and goals.

  1. Does the product or service have the potential to save energy in the Northwest?
  2. Can the energy savings be easily measured?
  3. Is the product or service commercially available today?
  4. Does the product or service have the potential to meet or exceed existing market needs?
  5. Is there a compelling market barrier that NEEA can help address? (Is there a research project that would help speed adoption in the Northwest?)

If you answered "Don't Know" to any of the above items, you should address those issues prior to submitting a Proposal Application to NEEA. If you answered "No" to any of the questions, unfortunately your project does not qualify for funding from NEEA.

Other Criteria

Proposals that meet the minimum requirements listed above will be evaluated for how well they meet other important criteria that NEEA uses to rank proposals. The better your proposal meets these criteria that better its chances of acceptance.

Product / Service Benefits

  • How much energy can be saved and are the savings long-lasting?
  • Does the product / service provide non-energy benefits?
  • Do the energy savings provide a short payback for new construction, retrofit, or natural replacement customers?

Market Effects

  • Is the market well defined with market barriers clearly identified?
  • Does the product provide good geographical coverage throughout the Northwest?
  • Does the product simplify or minimize changes to the supply chain?
  • Will codes and standards accelerate market adoption in this case?

Product / Technology

  • Is the product clearly and easily defined?
  • Is there intellectual property that protects the product?
  • Is the level of technical risk low?

Funding and Business Planning 

  • Are there multiple funding sources for the product?
  • Is your company and management team well established and in the market for the long term?
  • Is NEEA’s requested involvement well defined.