NEEA Releases First State by State Data on Single-Family Home Energy Use

NEEA Releases First State by State Data on Single-Family Home Energy Use

Supported by the region's electric utilities, NEEA is conducting a comprehensive research study of energy efficiency in Northwest residential buildings - officially called the Residential Building Stock Assessment (RBSA). This study will inform future energy planning efforts, as well as energy efficiency utility programs and rebates offered by the region's utilities, the Energy Trust of Oregon, and the Bonneville Power Administration.

The RBSA is the first residential field study of this size and scope ever conducted in the Northwest. The sample included 89 public, seven investor-owned, and three gas-only utilities in Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and western Montana.

NEEA conducted field surveys on more than 1,850 sites across the Northwest, including more than 1,400 single-family homes. The RBSA was designed to develop a characterization of the residential sector that takes into account the diverse climates, building practices, and fuel choices across the region.

The state by state reports include overall housing utility and energy statistics per state, and also detail the type and efficiency of various components such as windows, insulation, appliances, and type of heating fuel used in homes with each region of each state:

Read the Idaho Summary Statistics report 

Read the Montana Summary Statistics report 

Read the Oregon Summary Statistics report 

Read the Washington Summary Statistics report

In addition, NEEA has published a series of RBSA reports, including a metering study, a single-family report, a manufactured homes report, and a multi-family report and has made the data files available for download.

Find more information on the Residential Building Stock Assessment, and access the data files and full series of reports here.