Partnership for Advanced Window Solutions Gets Greenlight from U.S. Department of Energy

DOE Buildings Technology Office prioritizes public-private collaboration to accelerate adoption of highly efficient windows

PORTLAND, Ore. –  May 20, 2021 -  U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Buildings Technology Office announced their support for a new initiative, Partnership for Advanced Window Solutions (PAWS), to accelerate the national availability and adoption of advanced and highly efficient windows and window attachments that improve occupants’ comfort and reduce building energy use.

NEEA is leading the formation of this public-private collaboration to promote cost-effective, high performance window solutions for new and existing building stock in the Northwest and across the nation. PAWS’ partners include utilities, national labs, window manufacturers, state agencies, regional energy efficiency organizations trade organizations and NGOs with a building efficiency mission.

The collaboration plans to employ a variety of proven Market Transformation strategies, including:

  • Market research and R&D technical support for glass and window manufacturers
  • Technical assistance for manufacturers to upgrade production lines to the latest high-performance window technologies
  • Support developing rebate and incentive programs to align with utility demand side management programs
  • Engagement with building code bodies to recognize and promote programs that encourage adoption of high-performance window solutions nationwide
  • Data and information to support new high efficiency levels for ENERGY STAR windows

Advanced window technologies and windows attachments have tremendous capacity to save energy in residential homes and commercial buildings. These products have application across most of the nation and are available today but are underutilized or emerging. To meet the alliance’s building envelope goals, we need to collaborate with partners across the country to rapidly scale adoption of these products to transform the market.

- Elaine Miller
Market Transformation Manager, NEEA

PAWS is addressing two priority opportunities for the alliance:

  • Increase demand for R5 insulating windows for residential markets, both new construction and renovation/replacement.
  • Promote storm windows and insulating panels for residential and commercial retrofits where window replacement isn’t affordable or practical.

More information on the DOE Initiative for Better Energy, Emissions, and Equity (E3 Initiative) is available on DOE's website

View the fact sheet on PAWS below:

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