Peter Christeleit, New Manager, Natural Gas Portfolio & Strategy

Peter Cv2

Peter Christeleit joins NEEA staff as the new Manager, Natural Gas Portfolio & Strategy. A Fulbright scholar with expertise in global energy policy and product development, Peter has worked internationally in both the public and private sectors. He joins the natural gas team from General Electric (GE) where he was a Senior Sales Manager for distributed power and a Senior Strategic Marketing Leader with experience developing strategic investment opportunities in energy. One successful initiative he led at GE was collaborating with external business partners to turn the GE 90 aircraft engine into a power generation source.

“The spirit of collaboration and innovation at NEEA is inspiring,” said Peter. “It is a rare opportunity to bring utilities and manufacturers to the table and find a path forward that works with everyone's unique set of requirements. I look forward to joining the team to further investments in efficient natural gas technologies.”

“Peter’s experience brings great leadership and innovative thinking to the natural gas team,” said Becky Walker, Director, Market Development and Transformation. “We’re excited to have him on board.”

- Becky Walker
Director, Market Development and Transformation