Increasing progressive effectiveness of energy codes

The NEEA Codes and Standards program supports regional stakeholders in the development and adoption, training and implementation of energy codes.   States engage in the code development process along different cycles and code versions, but all states now use the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) as a baseline for their commercial energy codes. All states except Oregon now use the IECC as the basis of their residential code.   The adoption of codes is the responsibility of state code boards or agencies. Official state-by-state  energy code information can be found on state building code websites:  

Idaho -

Oregon -

Washington -

Montana -

For  direct technical assistance on energy codes in the region please contact:

Idaho: David Freelove, Idaho Circuit Rider,

Montana: Dale Horton or Paul Tschida

Oregon: Residential – Roger Kainu                Commercial – Blake Shelide

Washington: Residential – Gary Nordeen                            Commercial – Lisa Rosenow

Current Northwest State Codes

Each state has building code boards that make final code adoption decisions. NEEA provides funding for code development, technical assistance, and education support within each state:

Northwest State Codes Graphicv2 1

NEEA is currently developing a commercial compliance study protocol. For more information on Washington Commercial Code Compliance, please contact Lisa Rosenow,