Prosaris Air and Gas Leak Technology

November 16, 2021 - Compressed air and gas leaks are a serious and persistent problem across industries - wasting valuable resources, impacting operations, and costing the environment. The innovative Prosaris products enable organizations to save money and energy, improve operational efficiency, prepare for new world compliance and regulatory standards, and assists with ESG commitments.

Prosaris has developed a unique, affordable, light weight, easy to use, solution that attaches to a smart phone or tablet, and enables the user to detect air and gas leaks in a matter of minutes. Prosaris's technology has been helping industrial, utility, and manufacturing customers detect a variety of air and gas leaks faster than conventional solutions with training time of minutes, not hours. Prosaris users are saving thousands of dollars in operating costs utilizing cloud-based analytics that can track corrective and preventive maintenance and calculate both energy and gas savings.

In this presentation, Prosaris demonstrated its OL1 product and cloud platform, and answered questions regarding the technology and how to purchase it or find a partner in the market.

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