Simple Solutions for Complex Problems - Light Commercial HPWH - Product Council

Utility programs and market transformation efforts have focused heavily on developing the residential HPWH market, but large opportunities also exist for commercial buildings. Industry players have greatly advanced the adoption of Central HPWH products, but gaps remain for commercial buildings that don’t require a large built up system. Cadeo will share out their market research and findings into the HPWH opportunities and barriers in the light commercial market, including the use of simple residential-style HPWH in commercial applications which could replace a significant number of water heaters in existing buildings in the Northwest.

Attendees will learn about the opportunities for residential-style and commercial HPWH up to 120 gallons in light commercial applications. Attendees will also learn about how building characteristics, hot water use patterns, and existing water heater systems inform which HPWH system is the right fit for a commercial building.

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