Variable Speed Heat Pump Product Assessment

The Center for Energy and Environment (CEE) developed an energy balance model of residential heat pump performance. This 8760 hour energy balance spreadsheet enables the user to explore the impact of capacity, COP, controls, energy costs, climate, and other heat pump system design parameters on the performance of the heat pump. The tool generates energy, demand and levelized cost of heat pump operation. CEE staff have used the tool to explore multiple different heat pump “archetypes" to evaluate the relative important of design choices and system performance curves on the levelized cost of heating and cooling.

The goal of this work was to aid NEEA in finding a “goldilocks" heat pump description for different climates, homes types, and time of use energy profiles. Using Northwest Energy Efficiency Partnerships (NEEP) Qualified Product List (QPL) data and manufacturer provided available extended data tables to seek a best possible system. The results of parametric analysis provides insight on what factors are most important and which are relatively unimportant to heat pump energy and demand savings.

The presentation covers an overview of the project, the tool, how archetypes were defined and the comparative results of two different climate types in the Northwest. Discussion occurred at the end of the presentation on how this tool might be used to refine utility program design and develop contractor training information.​


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