VHE DOAS - Exploring Market Opportunities

​Expanding Market Opportunities for Very High Efficiency DOAS

​Very High Efficiency Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems (VHE DOAS) has been a focus of the commercial HVAC team at NEEA and includes a sharp focus on system performance and defining high quality HVAC components. To leverage this work towards the goal of widespread market adoption, NEEA has developed an assessment of strategies to expand the structure of VHE DOAS. This structure is based on interviews with engineers and owners and evaluating a wider set of efficiency options and the potential energy savings and payback periods of each. 

Presented by Red Car Analytics, findings show that with fewer efficiency criteria, energy savings in small commercial buildings remains strong and reduced payback periods are available in some instances. This presentation also shares how this framework could be used to maintain a level of high quality HVAC systems, while giving market actors specific efficiency steps for increased performance.

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