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The Product Council offers an opportunity for utilities and energy efficiency organizations within the Northwest (and other interested parties) to explore and discuss new products, technologies and market trends that could help the region meet its energy goals. The forum is causal to foster deep discussion of the merits and challenges with the products and services reviewed.

Interested in submitting a topic idea for an upcoming Product Council meeting? Fill out the form below: 

Note: To ensure successful submission of your topic, please make sure to refresh this screen prior to inputting any information if you have left it open for a period of time before submitting the form. To avoid inadvertent loss of information we recommend completing your submission in Word and then copy/pasting here. 

You should receive a confirmation email upon successful completion of submission. Have questions or need support? Please reach out to us directly. 

If you simply need to schedule your presentation for an upcoming Product Council agenda, select Option #1. If you have an idea and need help scheduling, select Option #2.
Please include preferred attendance dates for the suggested topic. Product Council is scheduled on Tuesdays from 10:30 a.m. - 12 p.m. (PST).

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Please include as much information below as possible. If you need assistance from NEEA to organize a speaker for a topic/idea, please indicate that in the presentation description field below.

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Product Managers and vendors should be aware that presentations should not contain proprietary or confidential information, as content will be shared with subscribers post-session and hosted on NEEA's public website.

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