2019-2020 Luminaire Level Lighting Controls Market Assessment

The Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) contracted with NMR Group to conduct a market assessment on the alliance’s Luminaire Level Lighting Controls (LLLC) Market Transformation program. The LLLC program seeks to transform the market so that LLLCs become standard practice for commercial buildings, including renovations and retrofit projects, and that codes in the Northwest states require LLLCs.

This report intends to update and expand NEEA’s understanding of supply chain market actors’ perceptions of LLLC barriers and opportunities and analyze commercial energy codes to inform energy savings estimates. For the report, NMR interviewed 30 market actors across the supply chain and conducted detailed analysis of energy codes and secondary building data. Interviews with supply chain market actors revealed several insights including:

  • LLLC’s offer substantial benefits including unparalleled control granularity, reprogramming for space changes, and integration with other building systems.
  • However, first cost and relatively long paybacks continue to impede LLLC adoption, as well as uncertainty about energy savings.
  • End-use customers voice concern that LLLCs are over complicated, and they often choose pre-packaged “room-based controls” instead.
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