ENERGY STAR Resource-Efficient ClothesWashers, Report No. 4

This fourth Market Progress Evaluation Report (MPER) reviews the status of the regional ENERGY STAR  Resource-Efficient Clothes Washer Program (ESCW Program), funded by the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (the Alliance), and its influence on the market.  This program started as the WashWise program in 1997, and has evolved considerably over the past three years.  Initially, the program was primarily a consumer rebate-driven program, with refunds of $130.  As it achieved initial success, and the costs grew, consumer rebates were first reduced, and then eliminated.  Since November of 1998, the program has relied on consumer marketing and retailer support to maintain sales of ENERGY STAR  clothes washers.  Earlier in 2000, the program expanded to include other ENERGY STAR  home appliances.

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