Extended Motor Products Market Characterization

In support of its Extended Motor Products (XMP) program, the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) contracted with Cadmus Group to prepare a characterization of the pump market between Q3 and Q4 of 2019. The study considered small horsepower energy efficient pumps, with a focus on “smart pumps,” which are defined as packaged systems consisting of a pump, variable speed drive and integrated controls. Cadmus’s research characterizes the presence of smart pumps in the market, documents the roles played by supply chain actors, assesses market barriers to smart pump adoption, and recommends updates to the XMP program logic model.

Research activities included in-depth interviews with manufacturers, manufacturers’ sales representatives, and specifying engineers, a review of secondary materials and a survey of potential pump purchasers. Cadmus identified challenges the growth of the smart pump market faces, including the lack of a common market definition, lack of familiarity with smart pumps among both supply chain actors and end users, and poorly defined value propositions. Cadmus concluded that NEEA can continue to shape the market through activities such as documenting smart pump performance, providing targeted training to supply chain actors, and supporting increased communication among and between supply chain actors.

Updated as of 02/25/2020.

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