Marketing Message Testing for SuperEfficient-Dryers


NEEA’s Super-Efficient Dryer (SED) team is preparing to implement an in-store market test. Part of the test includes providing marketing collateral that will be used to address the barrier of consumer awareness and interest in SEDs.

Five different marketing message concepts were created based on previous consumer research. The concepts include: an image, a headline that the key benefit, and a brief product description to drive credibility.


Business Objective:

To provide direction for which marketing elements to use in collateral materials for the market test of Super-Efficient Dryers (SED).

Research Objectives:

To determine which of the five marketing message concepts are most compelling to dryer buyers

To understand the which elements (visuals, verbiage, message) within each marketing message resonate most and why. This will provide insights that help to determine if/how the concepts can be merged to create an even stronger communication plan

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