NEEA Q1 2020 Emerging Technology Newsletter

It has been a historic year so far, and no matter your circumstances, I hope you are doing well. NEEA’s product management team has continued to explore new efficient products. In Q1, we saw progress with residential and commercial HVAC products including an updated specification for Very High Efficiency Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems (VHE DOAS) and lab results from residential variable capacity heat pumps (VCHP). Both products are commercially available and offer significant energy savings. We also collected sales data for commercial lighting products that show opportunities for more efficient lighting across many lamp and fixture types. Finally, we received preliminary field results for a commercial heat pump water heater that show good performance and efficiency for this untapped segment of the water heating market. 

Please connect with me or one of our product managers with any questions or comments you have. We also welcome new ideas through our unsolicited proposal process, so don’t hesitate to connect.

Stay safe,

~ Mark Rehley, Sr. Manager ~

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