NEEA Q2 2021 Quarterly Report

A Note from the Executive Director

Over the past few months, it has been gratifying to see businesses opening up and life returning to (near) normal. While the Delta variant has introduced new uncertainty, there continue to be positive indicators for the future of energy efficiency Market Transformation as well as some challenges:

  • The bipartisan infrastructure bill includes tens of billions of dollars for clean energy, grid modernization, energy efficiency and energy demonstration projects.
  • Supply chain partners are continuing to make long-term investments in energy-efficient products driven by strong policy signals, consumer preference and, increasingly, corporate sustainability goals. However, continuing supply chain delays are impacting some program activities and could delay market progress.
  • Policy makers across the country are increasingly looking at Market Transformation as a tool to drive lasting change and seeking to align with Northwest efforts. 

In September, NEEA’s Board is launching a strategic planning process for the next business cycle (2025-2029). The strategic plan will provide a road map for the alliance during a period of what is widely anticipated to be rapid and, in some areas, revolutionary change for the Northwest energy sector, including: more competition for investment by low-cost renewables, increasing importance of flexible loads and the time value of energy efficiency, and decarbonization goals that challenge investment in natural gas end uses. These and other change drivers are being explored in a series of briefing papers that the Board will discuss at its Q3 meeting in September.

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