NEEA Q3 2019 Quarterly Report

A Note from the Executive Director

It’s hard to believe, but we have almost reached the end of NEEA’s Cycle 5 (2015-2019) Business Plan. Since 2015, alliance activities have driven measurable change in all of NEEA’s target markets and the organization is on-track to exceed its business plan goal of delivering 150 aMW of Co-Created energy savings. NEEA staff are looking forward to providing a 2015-2019 Business Plan overview and wrap-up at the Q1 Board of Directors meeting in March.

Looking ahead to Cycle 6, NEEA staff are focused on increasing portfolio diversity by adding new programs to the portfolio and accelerating early-state programs. Current estimates are that three programs - Heat Pump Water Heaters, Retail Product Portfolio and Super-Efficient Dryers - will be responsible for more than 80 percent of Cycle 6 savings from current investments. Ensuring success in these programs is a key 2020 organizational priority. Other priorities include working with funders to implement the new advisory committee structure and engaging extra-regionally to increase Northwest influence and deliver value to the region.

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