Q1 2022 Emerging Technology Newsletter

NEEA continued its work in Q1 2022 on identifying and testing innovative technologies that will benefit the Northwest.

Some highlights from Q1 2022 include:

• Variable Speed Heat Pumps: NEEA’s work continues on evaluating the benefits of variable speed heat pumps (VSHP) with the completion of several projects, including the development of a heat pump comparative analysis tool that evaluates the performance characteristics most important to annual energy use, and critical metrics to consider when selecting a heat pump in different climates.

• Secondary Windows: NEEA installed a second test site for secondary windows in the Seattle area, building off the first test site in Vancouver, WA, which saw building energy savings of more than 10% over the baseline performance. 

• Television Test Method: The U.S. Department of Energy opened up the rulemaking for testing TV energy and proposed CTA/ANSI-2037C as the test method, for which NEEA led the development, and which ENERGY STAR® adopted as the Version 9 test method.

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