Q1 2023 Market Research and Evaluation Newsletter

The Market Research and Evaluation (MRE) team is pleased to bring you this quarter’s MRE newsletter. The team is looking ahead to a second quarter of lots of reports! More than half of the twenty-three studies that are currently have underway anticipate final reports to post in the next three months. These reports become key assets to the Market Transformation programs they serve, as well as to the region. NEEA's evaluation reports, such as Market Progress Evaluation and Market Characterization reports, not only assess and document progress toward expected market outcomes, but they also provide market insights to help refine the program and improve its effectiveness at transforming the market.

A few of the evaluation projects you will see described in the newsletter do not have an explicit program adaptive management use case. Examples include baseline reviews, cost-benefit model reviews, and key assumptions reviews. MRE is not tracking progress toward outcomes in these studies, and the team is not using the results to refine the program. Instead, the results of these evaluations help to refine the modeled savings for the program. They validate the model assumptions (or, as the case may be, reject them or suggest improvements) and they help to refine the accuracy of the estimated costs and benefits associated with the program's market influence. Thank you for taking some time to read over the newsletter. Please reach out with any questions or suggestions. Until next time, I hope you have a wonderful spring!

~ Amy Webb, Sr. Manager, Market Research & Evaluation ~

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