Q3 2023 Market Research and Evaluation Quarterly Newsletter

Welcome to another issue of NEEA’s quarterly Market Research and Evaluation (MRE) newsletter. There are a number of studies underway, many of which will be posted during the Q4 2023. Look for several market progress evaluation reports (MPERs) in the next few months, including the Luminaire Level Lighting Controls, Heat Pump Water Heater, Retail Product Portfolio, and Manufactured Homes MPERs. These are the annual mixed method evaluations that assess progress toward pre-defined market outcomes by measuring a set of market progress indicators (MPIs).

Earlier this year, the MRE team launched a combined MPER for two commercial HVAC programs – the electric High-Performance HVAC and natural gas Efficient Rooftop Units programs. The study will deliver individual evaluation reports to these two programs, but will create several efficiencies, such as combining recruiting and data collection efforts.

And finally, NEEA recently contracted with Dr. Michael Harnar, Director of the Interdisciplinary PhD in Evaluation at Western Michigan University, to conduct an assessment of MRE's approach to the evaluation of Market Transformation programs. The final report from that assessment is available on neea.org.

~ Amy Webb, Sr. Manager, Market Research & Evaluation ~

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