Televisions: ENERGY STAR Version 9 Specification Influence Assessment and Baseline Assumptions Review

The Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) contracted with TRC Engineers, Inc. to review NEEA’s influence on the ENERGY STAR® Version 9 specification revision for televisions, along with NEEA’s naturally occurring baseline market share assumptions for ENERGY STAR televisions and its televisions unit energy savings (UES) calculation.

In June through August 2021, TRC conducted qualitative and quantitative analyses to address the research objectives. The report showed that NEEA played a lead role in developing the testing approach and efficiency metrics for the Version 9 specification and played a key role in setting efficiency limits. Findings also showed that NEEA’s general approach for determining the naturally occurring baseline market share and UES to be reasonable but made recommendations to improve the accuracy of specific inputs. NEEA intends to implement all TRC’s recommendations, except for the recommendation regarding NEEA’s televisions hours of use assumption. Please see the memo provided at the end of TRC’s report for more information on NEEA’s perspective.

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