Extended Motor Products Pump and Circulator Baseline Assumptions Review

The Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance’s (NEEA) Extended Motor Products (XMP) program aims to accelerate adoption of efficient pumps and circulators in the Northwest. NEEA engaged with Apex Analytics to conduct a review of its 20-year naturally occurring baselines for pumps and circulators. Specifically, Apex reviewed:

  • NEEA’s assumptions regarding the timeframe that the XMP program began influencing the pumps market,
  • NEEA’s approach for integrating relevant market drivers, such as codes and standards, into the baseline forecasts, and
  • Whether NEEA’s baseline assumptions are appropriate given NEEA and its partners’ interventions in the pump and circulator markets to date.

In February through May 2021, Apex Analytics conducted qualitative and quantitative analyses and, based on its review, made five recommendations for updates to NEEA’s baseline assumptions and additional analyses NEEA should conduct to better understand how data provided to NEEA by manufacturers’ representatives engaged with the XMP program compare with the full market. NEEA has accepted these recommendations and is incorporating them into its naturally occurring baseline forecasts.

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