Industrial Refrigeration Operator Certification

Industrial refrigeration comprises nearly nine percent of the Northwest’s regional industrial load. Energy management and efficiency are playing an increasingly important role in industrial refrigeration, offering these facilities energy savings, financial savings and a stronger bottom line.

Market Transformation Approach

Save Money, Improve Operations

Today’s refrigeration professionals strive to improve operations, safety, and the bottom line at their facilities. By making energy-efficient upgrades, site operators and managers alike can achieve these goals, as well as saving on both operational and capital equipment costs. Most upgrades are low - or no-cost, and many are easy to complete – some even improve the quality of the workplace, support career development, and enhance a facility’s competitive advantage with supplier contracts.

Certified Refrigeration Energy Specialist (CRES)

CRES is offered by the Refrigerating Engineers and Technicians Association (RETA) and is an energy efficiency certification for industrial refrigeration professionals. The certification is made up of two parts: an exam covering operations, safety, and energy-efficient refrigeration practices, and the required completion of energy efficiency activities at each facility.


This resource is intended to provide refrigeration professionals with ideas for implementing energy-efficient upgrades. Though each facility is unique in its operation, these activities have been successfully implemented across a variety of different plants and are a good place to start when thinking about low-cost and no-cost energy-efficiency activities.