Training Resources

Applying the latest technologies and practices

NEEA provides professional education programs critical to building energy efficiency capability in the Northwest.  Learn the technical and business skills and get access to tools to better incorporate energy efficiency into your business practices.  Follow the links below for upcoming opportunities.

Residential Trainings

NEEA also offers trainings to help build capacity for new products, including:

       Ductless Heat Pump Partner Events and Trainings

       BetterBuilt NW Partner Events and Trainings 

       Hot Water Solutions Partner Events

Commercial and Industrial Trainings

NEEA also offers a wide range of trainings to help support energy-efficient products, services and practices in business across the region, including:  

          Building Operator Certification (BOC®)

          Northwest Lighting Network

          Condensing Rooftop Unit Trainings

We encourage you to check our regional calendar regularly and participate in our upcoming trainings.

Northwest Regional Industrial Trainings & FAQ

Northwest Regional Industrial Training offers broad curricula for corporate, plant, vendor, contractor, and service provider personnel. Training equips attendees with the knowledge and tools to begin reducing energy use and operating costs as soon as they return to their workplaces.          

 Northwest Regional Industrial Training FAQ

 Northwest Regional Industrial Trainings

Featured Case Study

Columbia River Carbonates (CRC) has long been a regional leader in sustainability and conservation efforts. CRC’s involvement in NEEA’s Regional Industrial Training Program is a vital component of their internal energy management plan

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