2018-Letter to the Region

Letter to the Region:

We are so pleased to share NEEA’s 2018 Annual Report, which details regional accomplishments, lessons learned, relationships developed and barriers addressed over the past year. In 2018, the alliance continued to accelerate the market adoption of energy efficiency in the region on behalf of all Northwest customers. Working together, we:
  • Reached a breakthrough in the commercial HVAC market after more than a decade of searching for an innovative approach to reducing commercial building energy use in the Northwest.
  • Achieved important progress toward influencing widespread commercial building efficiency through collaborative program alignment and code enhancement efforts.
  • Developed innovative solutions to inform lighting program design using region-wide collaborative relationships and rich, timely data.
  • Advanced a long-term market transformation effort for gas heat pump technology in the Northwest to realize substantial gas-savings potential.
While we embrace the opportunity to look back and assess the region’s shared successes and challenges, we are also keeping a keen eye on the future. 2018 culminated in the adoption of NEEA’s Cycle 6 (2020-2024) Business Plan, which was developed in collaboration with funders and stakeholders from across the region. The Business Plan outlines NEEA’s comprehensive five-year strategy to help the Northwest stay ahead in a rapidly changing energy efficiency landscape. For more information, read the Cycle 6 Business Plan or download this summary of highlights and key metrics.
As we look back to 2018, we note many market shifts and changes throughout the Northwest—some we anticipated and some we did not. Looking ahead to 2020 and beyond, there will be many more shifts to come, but one thing will remain the same: the alliance’s continued commitment to work together to enhance the region’s flexibility and adaptability in the face of change, all to maximize value for Northwest utilities and their customers.

Thank you,

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2018 Annual Report

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