2020 Annual Report

Energy Efficiency Investments Prove Resilient in 2020 — NEEA’s Annual Report highlights adaptation, innovation in advancing energy efficiency

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    Letter to the Region

    Twenty-five years ago, the energy efficiency community in Idaho, Montana, Washington and Oregon created the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) based on a shared belief that together, the region could accomplish far more than it could alone. This past year has emphasized the importance of this unique, collaborative approach. Although the impacts of COVID-19 have reverberated throughout the country, the alliance has adapted to continue to pioneer the transformation of the Northwest’s energy market toward greater efficiency despite market disruptions and health challenges.

    2020 marked a year of change that profoundly impacted the industry and energy efficiency in the region. Yet through this challenging and difficult year, the alliance remained committed to its purpose: to pool resources and share risks to transform the market for energy efficiency to the benefit of consumers in the Northwest.

    2020 Portfolio Highlights:

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      Energy efficiency is a key pillar in Washington’s plan for a cleaner energy future. Not only does energy efficiency save money, it ensures a robust, resilient and equitable energy system. Thank you to the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance for serving as a guiding force for the region and helping to provide affordable energy-efficient products, services and practices to the Northwest and beyond.
      -Jay Inslee, Governor of Washington

      Success Stories

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        ENERGY STAR® Retail Products Platform

        Flexible Strength in the Face of Uncertainty - Despite the pandemic’s overwhelming impact on the retail world, the ENERGY STAR Retail Products Platform's (ESRPP) strong partnerships and inherent flexibility helped the program grow stronger in 2020. In addition to accessing incredibly timely online sales data for the first time, ESRPP welcomed two new utility partners to the national, giving the Northwest increased scale and influence on consumer products market.

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        Water Heating

        A Dual-Fuel Approach to Market Transformation - Recognized as a national leader in water-heating Market Transformation, the alliance has blazed the trail for any utility looking to use efficient water heaters to achieve energy efficiency or carbon reduction goals. And now, building on the relationships and lessons learned at the forefront of electric hybrid technology, the alliance is opening the door for gas heat pump water heaters to enter the market with considerable momentum.

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        Ductless Heat Pumps

        Setting a Market Transformation Standard - For more than fifteen years, the Ductless Heat Pump (DHP) program has proven the flexibility and staying power of the alliance’s Market Transformation efforts. Thanks to an adaptive, explorative and collaborative effort, DHPs are expected to have a lasting foothold in the Northwest, with an opportunity to serve a wide variety of customers, including low-income and manufactured homes.


        Celebrating 25-Years of Market Transformation

        “The milestones and impacts of the alliance would not be possible without the many hands across the region combining efforts to advance energy-efficient products, practices and services. We remain humbled by the alliance’s 25-year commitment of working with market partners and stakeholders to strive for a more energy-efficient future.”

        - Susan E. Stratton, former NEEA Executive Director

        See highlights of the last 25 years

        Impacts and Investments

        2020 Energy Savings Results

        • 2020 Energy Savings Annual Report

          2020 Co-Created Energy Savings

          NEEA estimates that the alliance delivered almost 37 average megawatts (aMW) of Co-Created energy savings in 2020, exceeding its goal of 26.8 aMW by almost 30%. With 2020 marking the first year of NEEA's Cycle 6 Business Plan, most of those savings are the result of investments made during previous business cycles.

          • 2020 Total Regional Natural Gas Savings

            NEEA estimates that the alliance delivered .66 Million Therms (MM Therms) of Total Regional natural gas savings in 2020, exceeding its goal of .6 MM Therms by almost 10%.

            The alliance’s natural gas portfolio is still in early development and several potential savings streams are not yet accounted for.

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              Co-Created Electric Energy Savings

              For its Cycle 6 Business Plan (2020-2024), the alliance is estimating it will deliver between 115-176 average megawatts (aMW) of Co-Created electric energy savings, enough energy to power more than 85,000 Northwest homes each year.

              Co-Created - or shared - energy savings include all savings above the baseline that occur in the market due to the combined efforts of NEEA and its partners.

              1 aMW = enough energy to power about 730 Northwest homes per year

              • Total Regional Natural Gas Energy Savings

                And, the alliance is estimating it will deliver between 6-13 Million (MM) Therms of Total Regional natural gas energy savings during its Cycle 6 Business Plan (2020-2024).

                Total Regional Savings include all savings calculated above the pre-intervention market starting point due to the combined efforts of NEEA and its partners.

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                20 Year Levelized Cost:

                Current Portfolio = .61 cents/kWh

                20-year Electric Benefit-Cost Ratio*: 2.1

                *Reflects the 20-year value of the regional investment in Market Transformation efforts. The alliance only advances a program into the market if it meets the minimum benefit-cost ratio threshold of 1.

                2020 Regional Peak Demand Savings:

                8.4 MW winter peak (current investments in market development)

                2020 Avoided CO2 Emissions:

                Electric - 214,000 tons
                Natural Gas - 3,800

                Additive Co-Created Savings (aMW): 1997–2020

                Market Transformation is a long-term process that delivers permanent market change. Alliance activities during any one business cycle continue to deliver energy savings after the 5-year investment period has ended. This chart shows energy savings associated with the funding cycle as well as how savings continue to grow and/or contribute to regional savings goals well into the future.
                Working together, the region has delivered more than 850 average megawatts (aMW) of Co-Created energy savings since 1997 – enough energy to power more than 620,000 Northwest homes each year.
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                2020 Investments

                $21.8 Million

                $21.8 Million

                Market Development & Transformation

                $4.1 Million

                $4.1 Million

                Analytics, Research & Evaluation

                $5 Million

                $5 Million

                Business Administration

                $1.6 Million

                $1.6 Million

                Stakeholder Engagement, Corporate Strategy & Communications

                $2.6 Million

                $2.6 Million

                Natural Gas

                $1.1 Million

                $1.1 Million

                End Use Load Research

                Balance Sheet

                As of December 31, 2020

                Cash and cash equivalents $1,512,136 
                Short-term investments $14,175,272 
                Funder and other receivables $461,845 
                Prepaid expenses $735,543 
                Property and equipment $1,711,900 
                Total Assets $18,596,696 
                Liabilities and net assets
                Accounts payable and other liabilities $4,893,640 
                Advances from funders $10,122,773 
                Total liabilities $15,016,413 
                Net Assets
                Unrestricted $2,368,783 
                Temporarily restricted $1,211,500 
                Total Net Assets $3,580,283 
                Total Liabilities and Net Assets $18,596,696 

                Statement of Activities

                Year ending December 31, 2020

                Electric contributions $29,775,981 
                Natural Gas contributions $3,355,251 
                End Use Load Research Contributions $1,840,213 
                Special fund contributions $2,703,330 
                Interest and other income $183,729 
                Total Revenue $37,858,504 
                Compensation and benefits $12,839,206 
                General administration $2,508,186 
                Direct project costs $20,832,841 
                Total Expenses $36,180,233 
                Change in net assets $1,678,271 

                NEEA Board of Directors

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                2020 Annual Report Summary