A Continuous Evolution of Efficiency

The alliance’s collective collaboration and innovation is leading an evolution of energy efficiency across the region and beyond.

Letter to the Region:

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Energy efficiency is often called a no regrets investment, and today there remains growing recognition of energy efficiency’s role in a vibrant, sustainable future. The industry continues to quickly evolve with new technologies and priorities that embrace the full spectrum of efficiency benefits – energy savings, resilience, flexibility and more. The alliance’s collective collaboration and innovation is leading this evolution of efficiency across the region, and across North America. 
The alliance works collaboratively to save energy, bring more efficient products to market faster, and create long-lasting changes to which energy-efficient products, practices, and services are available for consumers. Together we have a greater impact than any one person or organization could accomplish alone. Through this year’s collective efforts, the alliance:
  • Co-created 34.6 aMW of electric energy savings in 2021, culminating in a total of 879 aMW of additive energy savings* from 1997-2021.
  • Increased regional sales of electric heat pump water heaters by 30% in 2021 over 2020. Heat pump water heater sales reached 13% market share, paving the way for continued efforts to reinforce the product as a viable, energy-efficient option for consumers in the Northwest.
  • Led the national Partnership for Advanced Window Solutions (PAWS) collaborative, a public-private collaboration with utilities, national labs, window manufacturers, state agencies, regional energy efficiency organizations, trade organizations and others funded by the U.S. Department of Energy (U.S. DOE). The collaborative supports the alliance’s Market Transformation efforts to increase the adoption of high-performance windows and window attachments through supply chain education, reducing product costs, enabling advanced building codes, and promoting windows as a key component of a net zero energy retrofit strategy.
  • Worked closely with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) on the development of the new Version 9 television specification. These efforts culminated in the release of ENERGY STAR®’s finalized Version 9 television specification that uses a test procedure developed by NEEA. The new specification more accurately reflects actual TV energy use and provides consumers with higher efficiency television options nationally with international adoption expected.
  • Developed the first specification outlining the best practices and approaches to delivering efficient natural gas rooftop units (RTU) that reliably deliver heating energy savings in Northern climates and are as straightforward to install as a direct replacement for existing RTUs. The specification is an important step in making efficient RTUs common practice for one-for-one replacements.
Policy makers across the country are increasingly looking at Market Transformation as a tool to drive lasting change and are seeking to align with Northwest efforts at the federal level. In 2021, the U.S. DOE made several energy policy announcements including a new national focus on heat pumps and windows. Support from the U.S. DOE, along with its recognition of Northwest efforts, are important steps forward for many of the technologies that the alliance has been working to advance. 
The alliance’s continued commitment to work together has made these accomplishments possible, despite challenges stemming from the pandemic, supply chain and labor constraints and inflation. As we move into 2022, we are emerging strong and resilient, planning for Cycle 7 as well as a planned transition to new executive leadership. 
With gratitude for the alliance,
Susan E. Stratton, Executive Director
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Cory Scott, NEEA Board Chair

*Additive Energy Savings are defined as the sum of new first year savings occurring each year across multiple years.

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