Request for Proposals: Fan System Market Characterization Study

The Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) is soliciting proposals to provide market research and evaluation services supporting NEEA’s newly established Efficient Fans program through characterization of the regional commercial and industrial (C&I) fan system market. The goals of this study are to (a) profile and size the regional C&I fan system market, (b) identify and prioritize barriers within this regional market, and (c) document market actor motivations and fan system path-to-purchase. The results of the study will provide direction to the program development and implementation efforts of the NEEA Efficient Fans team and provide other regional stakeholders guidance in targeting their energy efficiency work in the fan system market. The selected contractor will work with NEEA, on behalf of NEEA funders, to create a viable study design meeting three objectives:

  • Illustrate the approximate size and nature of the regional commercial and industrial fan system market, including the relationships between market actor groups as pertaining to product flow.
  • Assess the nature, magnitude, and tenacity of market barriers that may impede the uptake and diffusion of efficient fan system technologies targeted by the Efficient Fans Program. (Prior market research led to the development of a preliminary list of market barriers which should serve as the foundation for refinement through this market characterization.)
  • Explore and document the full process by which efficient fan systems are selected for a given project, including the perspectives, motivations, and pain points of relevant market actor groups, as well as documentation of factors supporting and constraining the decision to purchase an efficient fan.

NEEA encourages individual and joint proposals (two or more firms partnering to carry out the full scope) from all firms with relevant experience in quantitative, qualitative, or mixed-methods study design. NEEA is particularly interested in proposals from firms with prior experience conducting research and/or evaluation related to motor-driven products in general and fan systems specifically.

Intent to Respond is due Jan. 13, 2023. The deadline for submitting written proposals is Feb. 2, 2023.

Send proposals to Chris Cardiel (

RFP posted Jan. 5, 2023.