Partnership for Advanced Window Solutions

Partnership for Advanced Window Solutions (PAWS) is a public-private collaborative that accelerates the national availability and adoption of advanced and highly efficient windows and window attachments.

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Why Advanced Windows

Although they constitute only 10% of the surface area of a typical home, traditional windows are poor energy performers. Windows usually account for 30-40% of the heat loss in winter and often add to cooling peaks and discomfort in summer.

As the U.S. prioritizes net zero energy buildings, addresses carbon emissions and confronts the challenges of decarbonizing the grid, there is a pressing need to dramatically increase the availability and use of highly efficient window products. Switching from today’s code compliant, double pane low-e window in a new home to new R5 solutions can save between 7 and 16 percent of a home’s energy use, depending on climate. In an older home, retrofitting its single glazed windows with R5 windows can provide much larger energy savings.


Three Priority Opportunities will initially be addressed by PAWS and its partners:

  1. Increase Demand for R5 Insulating Windows for residential markets, both new construction and renovation/replacement. The initial market focus is residential but will be expanded to commercial building applications.
  2. Storm Windows and Insulating Panels for residential and commercial retrofits where window replacement isn’t affordable or practical.
  3. Solar Control Solutions with Shades and Blinds to reduce cooling energy use and peak cooling loads, enhance thermal comfort and provide resilience during power failures. Automation options that can link shading deployment to smart building and electric grid initiatives will be explored and promoted.



PAWS Market Transformation Approach

In today’s market only a small subset of highly efficient products is routinely specified and installed, since ENERGY STAR and minimum code requirements largely drive market choices. Higher performing products remain underutilized, due to added cost, the inexperience of the designer, or lack of timely product availability via the supply chain.

Beyond what the industry offers today, there are numerous other innovative technologies moving through the R&D pipeline. Moving these solutions from lab prototypes to building demonstration projects to mainstream markets is a slow and expensive process but will pay off with big energy and economic savings.

The pathway to transforming the market for efficient windows and capturing even larger energy savings going forward requires two parallel, coordinated national efforts.

  • Dramatically increasing market share of existing, but underutilized, efficient window and attachment products.
  • Strategically invest in near term R&D with the window industry that will create innovative, market-ready solutions and accelerate their introduction into mainstream markets.

The collaboration plans to employ a variety of proven Market Transformation strategies, including:

  • Market research and R&D technical support for glass and window manufacturers
  • Technical assistance for manufacturers to upgrade production lines to the latest high-performance window technologies
  • Support developing rebate and incentive programs to align with utility demand side management programs
  • Engagement with building code bodies to recognize and promote programs that encourage adoption of high-performance window solutions nationwide
  • Data and information to support new high efficiency levels for ENERGY STAR windows
Thin Triple Pane Windows Report:

A Market Transformation Strategy for Affordable R5 Windows

This report provides a detailed description of the product evolution and insights on the current state of the window market. It then outlines a plan to remove key market barriers and quickly introduce thin triple pane windows to mainstream markets by directly engaging window industry partners who make and sell windows in the Northwest and their critical supply chain partners.

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