Alliance’s Leadership in Energy Efficiency Grows in 2021

NEEA’s Annual Report highlights evolution of energy efficiency technologies and programs benefiting the region

Portland, Ore. – June 20, 2022 – On behalf of more than 140 Northwest utilities, the Bonneville Power Administration and the Energy Trust of Oregon, the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) has released its 2021 Annual Report.

Investments in energy efficiency drive innovation and economic growth,” stated Montana Governor Greg Gianforte. “I appreciate Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance for bringing the region together to support our energy future.”

NEEA’s Annual Report highlights regional accomplishments and results over the past year. Working together in 2021, the alliance:

  • Co-created 34.6 aMW of energy savings in 2021, culminating in a total of 879 aMW of additive energy savings from 1997 - 2021;
  • Led the national Partnership for Advanced Window Solutions (PAWS) collaborative, a public-private collaboration with utilities, national labs, window manufacturers, state agencies, regional energy efficiency organizations, trade organizations and others funded by U.S. Department of Energy;
  • Worked closely with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on the development of the new television specification culminating in the release of ENERGY STAR®’s finalized Version 9 television specification;
  • Developed the first specification outlining the best practices and approaches to delivering efficient natural gas rooftop units (RTUs) for Northern climates that are easy to install as a direct replacement for existing RTUs.
  • Increased regional sales of electric heat pump water heaters by 30% over 2020. Heat pump water heater sales reached 13% market share in the combined replacement and new construction markets despite pandemic supply chain constraints, paving the way to address continuing market barriers;

“Energy efficiency is often called a no regrets investment, and today there remains growing recognition of energy efficiency’s role in a vibrant, sustainable future,” said Susan Stratton, NEEA’s executive director. “Thank you to our funders, stakeholders and market partners for quickly evolving with new technologies and priorities to embrace the full-spectrum of efficiency benefits. The alliance’s collective collaboration and innovation is leading an evolution of efficiency across the region, and across North America.”

The alliance’s 2021 Annual Report is available at


About the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance

The Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) is an alliance of more than 140 utilities and energy efficiency organizations working on behalf of more than 13 million energy consumers. NEEA is dedicated to accelerating both electric and gas energy efficiency, leveraging its regional partnerships to advance the adoption of energy-efficient products, services and practices.

Since 1997, NEEA and its partners have saved enough energy to power more than 620,000 homes each year. As the second-largest resource in the Northwest, energy efficiency can help offset most of the region’s new demand for energy, saving money and keeping the Northwest a healthy and vibrant place to live. To learn more about NEEA’s 25-year history of successful market transformation, visit or watch the video.