New tier of efficiency for manufactured homes generates consumer interest

The alliance’s Manufactured Homes program, implemented in partnership with the Northwest Energy-Efficient Manufactured Housing Program (NEEM), recently celebrated a market transformation milestone. The first sale of a manufactured home built to the NEEM+ specification, an advanced tier of energy efficiency introduced this year, was reported in July by S and H Homes. The home has since been placed within Okanogan, Wash. city limits.

The NEEM program helped develop and currently certifies the ENERGY STAR® standard for manufactured homes in the Northwest. The NEEM+ specification was developed over the last few years after the alliance saw an opportunity to leverage the success of the NEEM/ ENERGY STAR program. By early 2018, the program had recruited three manufacturers to build homes to the NEEM+ specification.

This first home sale signals the market’s readiness for advanced energy-efficient manufactured homes and market momentum is picking up with the help of nine alliance funders currently implementing programs on homes built to the NEEM+ specifications. These nine are part of the 76 Northwest organizations offering incentives on ENERGY STAR qualified manufactured homes certified through the NEEM program.

With growing consumer interest in this new specification, more utilities and energy efficiency organizations have an opportunity to extend manufactured home incentives to the NEEM+ standard. To learn more about this program and explore incentive offerings, contact Neil Grigsby, Portfolio Program Manager, at