Priming the Pump for Energy Efficiency

Smart pumps - systems that combine a pump, drive and integrated controller - are a promising, new efficient technology. Unlike conventional pumps, smart pumps offer increased energy efficiency and savings by incorporating a logic system into the technology that adjusts flow based on actual demand.

And, the benefits of smart pumps go beyond energy efficiency and savings: they also may be easier to install and maintain than constant-speed pumps and pumps with aftermarket variable frequency drives. The Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance’s (NEEA) Extended Motor Products (XMP) program works to accelerate the adoption of more efficient motor‐driven products like pumps, fans, and compressors. Currently, XMP is focused on raising awareness of these energy‐efficient “smart pumps.”

In January of 2020, new Department of Energy standards went into effect for clean water pumps, creating an opportunity for the XMP program to promote smart pumps as an ideal solution for anyone specifying or purchasing pumps. And pump manufacturers and their industry association, the Hydraulic Institute, have been testing pumps and listing their performance data in the publicly accessible Energy Rating Label database. The animated video below explains the value and benefits of choosing smart pumps over outdated constant-speed models and highlights the Hydraulic Institute’s extensive database of efficient pumps now in the market.

This video is the latest example of how XMP collaborates with pump manufacturers and the Hydraulic Institute to increase awareness about efficient pumps. It is available to be shared by any manufacturer, distributor, sales rep, organization, or utility. Chris Jostol, president of Seattle-based distributor Mechanical Sales Inc., said of the video, “This turned out great. We will get it out to as many people in the field as possible.” Brent Ross, of Armstrong Pumps, said “I’m really impressed with video! It gets to the core of the message in very simple language!”

Along with raising awareness of the benefits of smart pumps, the XMP program coordinates with utilities to target several key barriers to purchasing smart pumps, such as offsetting high first cost through incentives and providing training and communication support to inform purchase decisions around more efficient pump equipment. This collaborative effort also provides a foundation for similar regional activities for other motor‐driven product opportunities.

Watch the full video below to learn more about smart pumps or contact Warren Fish for additional information on how to share the video through your channels. And, to learn more about the program, visit the XMP page.