Retail Product Platform

Driving energy-efficient products through the retail channel

Air conditioning unit

The alliance’s Retail Product Portfolio (RPP) initiative coordinates with the ENERGY STAR® Retail Products Platform (ESRPP) program to work directly with corporate-level national retailers and provide mid-stream incentives on qualified energy-efficient products. These incentives influence retail buying and stocking practices to ultimately drive manufacturing and higher product standards and specifications for a portfolio of energy-efficient products sold through the retail channel. The alliance works with four national retailers through ESRPP (Home Depot, Lowe’s, Best Buy, and Nationwide Marketing Group), which collectively have over 300 store locations in NEEA territory. In addition, these retailers represent up to 75% of the US market for products in the portfolio.

NEEA's latest evaluation of its Retail Product Portfolio (RPP) showed that the alliance has identified an appropriate market transformation strategy for each consumer product in the program’s portfolio, and that the data and metrics are suitable to track progress in the market. As a recent example of the program’s influence, Home Depot coordinated with General Electric (GE) to develop and debut a new ENERGY STAR-certified room air conditioning unit using energy-efficient specifications to align with the incentive structure of the RPP program.

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