2019 NEEA Operations Plan

In 2019, delivering on current Business Plan goals while preparing for the transition to the next business cycle (2020- 2024) will be top priorities for the alliance. Other focus areas include employee and stakeholder engagement and beginning space planning and lease negotiation. Also in 2019, the alliance will deliver its first dual-fuel (electric and natural gas) funded program and first natural gas savings.

At the end of 2018, the alliance’s emerging technology pipeline is healthy, nearly double what it was at the start of the Business Plan, measurable change has been made in all of the target markets and estimates are that the alliance will reach its savings goal for all investments but fall slightly (between 5-15 percent) short of the target for current investments.

This is NEEA's 2019 Operations Plan, detailing focus areas and key activities for the alliance's electric and natural gas portfolios. 

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