Ceiling Fan Standard Evaluation Report

The Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) collaborated with other energy efficiency organizations to participate in the Department of Energy’s (DOE) process to establish an energy consumption standard for ceiling fans. NEEA, together with other efficiency organizations reviewed and made comments on the 2016 test procedure. This work changed the analysis used by DOE and affected the final form of the standard.

In February 2019, NEEA contracted with TRC Engineers, Inc. to conduct an evaluation of the efforts undertaken by NEEA and other energy efficiency stakeholders. TRC used NEEA’s Codes and Standards logic model as a guide to determine the relevant barriers to overcome, the activities to address these barriers and how effective the efforts of NEEA and the other efficiency stakeholders were in influencing the Ceiling Fan standard. TRC found that NEEA effectively engaged in most of the activities identified in NEEA’s Codes and Standards logic model. TRC estimates that NEEA and the efficiency organizations’ activities are responsible for 9% of the total energy savings from the standard.

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