High-Performance Windows Baseline Review

As part of its High-Performance Windows program, the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) seeks to accelerate and broaden the installation of high-performance windows in residential buildings, with a long-term goal of having over 50% of window sales in the Northwest having a U-Value of 0.20 or less. To enhance its understanding of the current status of the market, NEEA contracted with the Cadmus Group to conduct a review of its 20-year naturally occurring baselines for high-performance windows. Specifically, the contractors reviewed:

  • NEEA’s assumptions regarding the pre-intervention market share of high-performance and non-high-performance windows in the Northwest
  • NEEA’s assumptions of maximum achievable market share of high-performance windows in the Northwest with NEEA intervention
  • NEEA’s assumptions for the likely adoption rate of high-performance windows in the Northwest without NEEA intervention

In April through August 2023, the Cadmus Group conducted qualitative and quantitative analyses of secondary resources and, based on the review, made several recommendations for updates to NEEA’s baseline assumptions.

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