NEEA Q1 2021 Emerging Technology Newsletter

Q1 2021 saw exciting developments in energy efficiency. Two highlights are described below.

  • American Jobs Plan: The nearly $2 trillion stimulus plan proposed by President Biden includes heat pumps as a core part of its carbon reduction goals alongside electric vehicles and charging ports. While few details about the implications are yet available, the elevation of heat pumps as a national focus is new and worthy of attention. The timing is advantageous given that NEEA staff and collaborators are currently working to validate a new load-based test method (CSA-EX-07) for heat pumps.
  • Cost-effective, efficient gas water heaters: The Regional Technical Forum approved two measures for efficient gas water heaters in Q1.
    • One is an ENERGY STAR® tanked water heater that requires no electric power. A. O. Smith offers this product as a drop-in fit for existing federal minimum standard water heaters.
    • The second product is a tankless water heater that doesn’t require a gas line upgrade. While several manufacturers offer this type of product, this innovation centers on increased tolerance to pressure variations in the gas line. Pressure variations occur when other appliances are operating simultaneously.

These two products are the focus of research by NEEA staff under the natural gas water heating program and demonstrate that cost-effective, efficient gas appliances are possible with innovation.

As always, please reach out with questions or suggestions on NEEA’s emerging technology work. We’d love to hear from you.

~ Mark Rehley, Sr. Manager ~

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