NEEA Q1 2023 Quarterly Report

A Note from the Executive Director

In my first quarter as Executive Director, NEEA welcomed staff back to the office for the first time since March 2020. It has been wonderful to reconnect and collaborate in-person. I have also had the opportunity to meet with many Board members and regional stakeholders to discuss energy efficiency and the future of the alliance. It is humbling to be surrounded by such a dedicated, motivated, and hard-working professionals in the energy efficiency community. I will continue to connect with our diverse group of stakeholders and partners throughout the year.

I’d like to highlight some recent accomplishments. In Q1, NEEA:

  • Partnered with New Buildings Institute to study central heat pump water heater (CHPWH) adoption in multi-family buildings. CHPWHs operate efficiently and at significantly lower costs than traditional alternatives. Published in January, findings and recommendations will help the alliance understand the most effective strategies to overcome barriers to CHPWHs for multi-family applications.
  • Worked with Bend/Redmond Habitat for Humanity to offer high-performance windows on a project in Central Oregon. Based on lessons learned, NEEA developed a case study to highlight high-performance windows as an affordable solution to deliver increased efficiency and occupant comfort within a limited budget. The case study targeted at volume home builders is available on BetterBuiltNW.
  • NEEA joined ACEEE as a founding committee member of the first-ever Hot Air Forum, which aims to guide conversations within the space heating community towards increased efficiency through equipment improvements. Presented alongside the Hot Water Forum in March, this gathering brought together utilities, manufacturers, energy efficiency organizations, local/state/federal agencies, consultants, and NGOs.

More highlights from NEEA’s work in Q1 are available at the links on the right. 

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