NEEA Q3 2020 Codes, Standards and New Construction Newsletter

We hope this newsletter finds you safe and healthy! We continue to work and live in the difficult situation created by the challenging global pandemic. Here are a few highlights from this quarter. As always, please feel free to contact us with questions and suggestions to improve our newsletter. 

  • The International Code Council concluded its appeal process and the 2021 Internal Energy Conservation Code is expected to be published in the fall of 2020, triggering the code adoption process for Washington State.
  • NEEA conducted a study in response to the Oregon’s Executive Order 20-04, which establishes the 2006 code baseline, explores measures needed to meet the 2030 goals and analyzes the proposed 2021 residential code and DOE Zero Energy Homes specifications compared to the 2006 baseline. 
  • NEEA completed and published the Washington State Commercial Code Technical Roadmap. The Roadmap will assist Washington State in achieving its goal by 2030 of reducing commercial building energy use by 70% relative to the 2006 Washington code. The Roadmap identifies advanced technologies and building strategies that will guide code development over the next several cycles. 
  • Since April, DOE has issued 40 rulemaking notifications for appliance standards. NEEA collaborated on and submitted comment letters for 13 products in the third quarter. Comments include regional sales data, lab testing results, and field validation data in support of enhanced test procedures and improved efficiency levels.

Thank you,
Bing Liu, P.E. 
Sr. Manager, Codes, Standards and New Construction

Find updates on the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance codes, standards and new construction work from Q3 2020.

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