NEEA Q3 2018 Quarterly Report

It’s hard to believe, but 2018 has almost come to a close. In the third quarter of the year, NEEA staff were busy with 2019 operations planning. Meeting the alliance’s 5-year business plan goals and preparing for the transition to Cycle 6 (2020-24) are top among the organization’s focus areas. Potential risks to market transformation success include regional alignment challenges and a lack of progress at the federal level in advancing codes and standards. To address these risks, staff will continue working with funders to identify opportunities for flexibility in program implementation and partnering extra-regionally to increase Northwest influence.

In September, the alliance launched a broad regional outreach effort to collect public input on the draft 2020-24 Business and Strategic plans. Approximately 5,600 stakeholders were directed to the plans via Conduit, email, and the BPA and NEEA newsletters. In addition, NEEA board and staff made in-person presentations to 334 people. General themes and specific input were collected and synthesized for Board review and consideration. Final 2020-2024 Business and Strategic Plans will be presented to the Board for approval in December. Read more results and highlights in NEEA's Q3 2018 Quarterly Report. 

Market Transformation highlights and results from the third quarter of 2018.

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