NEEA Q4 2020 Quarterly Report

A Note from the Executive Director

The last 12 months have had a profound impact on our industry and energy efficiency in the region. While we worked remotely and avoided gathering in-person, we changed how, where and how much energy we consumed. Our spending habits also changed; we shopped more for home goods and appliances and did it mostly online. As the economy faltered, energy efficiency was hailed by policy makers as a driver of economic health and resilience. As a society, we also recognized the need to address systemic disparities within communities of color and their ability to access and benefit from energy efficiency programs.

In December, NEEA’s Board of Directors approved its 2021 Operations Plan. The plan recognizes the current context for Market Transformation in the Northwest and emphasizes the need to be future looking. It outlines three organizational priorities to drive results in 2021 and ensure that the alliance meets its business plan goals: 1) Focus on Flexibility; 2) Deliver in the New Normal; and 3) Prioritize Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Among other things, the plan also supports critical data collection efforts, including the End Use Load Research project, single and multi-family building stock assessments, the Distributor and Retail Products platforms, and other avenues that will provide the region with a better understanding of energy use and consumer behavior and help to identify emerging opportunities for energy efficiency.

I look forward to continued collaboration with the region in 2021 and carrying on our important work to transform the market for energy efficiency to the benefit of consumers in the Northwest.

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