NEEA Q4 2018 Emerging Technology Report

One technology that could be impactful for our region over the next few years is a new type of residential and commercial window. Steve Selkowitz and Lawrence Berkley National Labs have been testing and proving the performance of a triple pane window that is similar in thickness to standard double pane windows. The “thin” triple uses a thin center pane of TV glass and two thicker outer panes. TV glass is now nearly as cheap as standard glass, making these triple pane windows high performance without the weight and cost of traditional triples. Beyond new construction, they have the potential to be drop in replacements for existing windows. The product is not commercially available through a standard window manufacturer, but several manufacturers are looking closely at this. When the product becomes available, NEEA is excited to test it and help accelerate its adoption in our region as the first big window innovation in a decade.

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