Q4 2023 Quarterly Report

A Note from the Executive Director

The Northwest experienced a tumultuous start to 2024 with a cold snap that damaged the grid and set new records for energy demand across the region. Thank you to our utility partners for their tireless work to address the impacts of the storm. These types of events underscore the importance of the region working together in all facets from restoring power in these high-impact moments to advancing technology solutions that reduce energy use, address peak load challenges and improve resiliency. 

Looking back on the fourth quarter of 2023, here are some highlights:

  • NEEA’s Board of Directors approved the 2024 Operations Plan, which outlines key activities and priorities for the coming year. Among other things, the plan supports scanning for emerging technologies with a focus on products that reduce peak load impacts and improve resilience, advancing the natural gas portfolio, and launching the commercial building stock assessment.
  • The Natural Gas Advisory Committee voted to move the Advanced Commercial Gas Water Heating initiative into NEEA’s natural gas portfolio. The program aims to remove barriers to the adoption of gas heat pump water heater heating systems for commercial and multifamily applications, resulting in efficiency savings and carbon emissions reduction.
  • NEEA joined the top manufacturing trade association and leading energy advocates to propose new home appliance efficiency standards to the U.S. DOE, spanning six product categories and representing an estimated 30-year national savings potential of 2.8 billion MWh. DOE first published the recommendations from the multi-product agreement in a January 2024 Notice of Proposed Rulemaking and Direct Final Rule for refrigerators and freezers. The rulemaking will ensure that consumers have access to energy-efficient products that meet Northwest needs.

More highlights from NEEA's work in Q3 are available at the link on the right.

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