NEEA 2017 Annual Report


Working together, Northwest utilities and energy efficiency organizations delivered market transformation progress through partnership in 2017. 

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    Letter to the Region

    I am so pleased to share NEEA’s 2017 Annual Report: Progress through Partnership. Four years ago, NEEA’s Board of Directors created a five-year (2015-2019) Business Plan based on the region's collective vision for Northwest market transformation. Looking back over the alliance’s 2017 accomplishments, it is clear that this vision is becoming a reality.

    Susan E. Stratton
    Executive Director

    2017 Portfolio Highlights


    Ar Portfolio Highlights

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      Energy efficiency is critical to Montana’s energy future and that of the entire region. By working together to drive innovation and remove barriers to energy efficiency, Northwest utilities and energy efficiency organizations are moving us all toward a more sustainable and prosperous future.
      - Steve Bullock, Governor of Montana

      2017 Success Stories

      Good, Better, Best Guide to LED Retrofits

      In 2017, Northwest utilities and efficiency organizations partnered to help commercial and industrial customers get the most out of their lighting retrofit projects. 

      Collaborating to identify and advance emerging technologies helps us avoid duplication of efforts, while concentrating regional resources on priority technologies. It’s a win-win…we’re meeting the needs of the region’s electrical system and driving economic development, while at the same time bringing the best value to our customers.

      - Keshmira McVey
      Program Manager, Emerging Technologies, Bonneville Power Administration

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        Luminaire Level Lighting Controls

        Luminaire Level Lighting Controls combine LEDs with integrated controls and sensors to deliver significant energy savings. Northwest utilities and efficiency organizations are working together to bring these advanced lighting solutions to customers. 

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        Super-Efficient Dryers

        Clothes dryers use more electricity than almost any other household appliance. In 2017, the alliance partnered with ENERGY STAR® and manufacturer Whirlpool to help Northwest consumers save energy by choosing super-efficient heat pump dryers. 

      • Salt Tubes Preview

        Natural Gas Market Transformation

        NEEA’s Natural Gas Collaborative worked with manufacturers, technology developers, trade associations, and others to accelerate the development of efficient natural gas water heaters in 2017.

      • Apartment Architecture Buildings 243722

        Residential Building Stock Assessment

        The Residential Building Stock Assessment is a broad regional study that provides vital information about energy use in single-family, multi-family and manufactured homes across the Northwest. Among other things, the data supports utility staff in planning, managing and measuring efficiency programs.

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        Regional Emerging Technology Coordination

        By investing in, developing, and validating emerging energy-efficient technologies, the alliance is working to ensure that new technologies perform well and save energy for Northwest consumers, while decreasing risks for the region. 

        Everyone in our industry understands the need for higher efficiency water heater technology, but we wouldn’t be this far ahead with product development without the support of NEEA and Northwest utilities.


        Impacts and Investments

        • Ar Cocreated Savings

          Energy Savings

          NEEA estimates that alliance-funded activities delivered 41 average megawatts (aMW) of 
          co-created energy savings in 2017. Because market transformation delivers savings over a long-term horizon, almost three quarters of 2017 savings are associated with investments made during previous business cycles.

          Co-created energy savings are those that the region and local programs deliver above an established baseline 

          1 aMW = enough energy to power about 730 Northwest homes per year

          Co-Created Energy Savings by Sector 
          All Investments

          23.1 aMW

          23.1 aMW

          Codes and Standards (All Sectors)

          12.7 aMW

          12.7 aMW


          1.5 aMW

          1.5 aMW


          3.6 aMW

          3.6 aMW

          Industrial and Agriculture

          Progress to Five-Year Goals
          (All Investments)
          Ar 5 Year Estimates 5 Year

          Progress to Ten-Year Goals
          (All Investments)
          Ar 10 Year Estimates 10 Year

          20 Year Levelized Cost

          Current Portfolio = 2.9 cents/kWh

          Regional Peak Demand Savings: 

          75 MW (winter)
          55 MW (summer)

          Avoided CO2 Emissions: 

          183,322 tons/yr

          Cumulative Co-Created Savings (aMW): 1997–2017

          Working together, the region has delivered
          more than 730 average megawatts (aMW) of co-created energy savings since 1997
          – enough energy to power more than 500,000 Northwest homes each year.
          Ar Cumulative Savings 02

          2017 Expenses

          $20.5 Million

          $20.5 Million

          Market Strategy and Execution

          $7.5 Million

          $7.5 Million

          Planning, Evaluation, and Technology

          $4.0 Million

          $4.0 Million


          $2.0 Million

          $2.0 Million

          Stakeholder Engagement and Communications

          $2.3 Million

          $2.3 Million

          Natural Gas

          Balance Sheet

          As of December 31. 2017 

          Cash and cash equivalents $13,289,648
          Funder and other receivables $166,195
          Prepaid expenses $452,106
          Property and equipment $702,643
          Total Assets $14,610,592
          Liabilities and net assets
          Accounts payable and other liabilities $4,879,836
          Advances from funders $8,141,107
          Total liabilities $13,020,943
          Net Assets
          Unrestricted $1,518,272
          Temporarily restricted $71,377
          Total Net Assets $1,589,649
          Total Liabilities and Net Assets $14,610,592

          Statement of Activities

          Year ending December 31. 2017

          Electric contributions $33,295,471
          Natural Gas contributions $2,296,311
          Special fund contributions $605,374
          Interest and other income $211,833
          Total Revenue $36,408,989
          Compensation and benefits $11,487,697
          General administration $3,023,477
          Direct project costs $21,852,241
          Total Expenses $36,363,385
          Change in net assets $45,604

          2018 Board of Directors

          2018 Board Photo

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